Brand Revival // Philadelphia Cream Cheese

The Ask: Revitalize an all too familiar brand; increase sales of cream cheese.

My Team: Maddy Baldwin (CW)Mason Brown (XD)Tom Daley (CW)Josh Ghergel (AD)Caitlin Murphy (CBM)Hunter Noxon (XD).

Background: Philadelphia is the market leader, with 63% market share - so increasing sales of any cream cheese will help Philadelphia.

The Process: We held a focus group, which I moderated. We heard that:

  • The last time our participants had eaten cream cheese was on a bagel.
  • They don't initially consider cream cheese as an ingredient in other foods, but they know that it can and does go in other foods.
  • While they view cream cheese as indulgent, they don't necessarily think of it as unhealthy.
  • When they go to potlucks, they prefer to make food that looks and tastes like it took a long time to make, but was actually very easy to make. Overall, with cooking - the fewer ingredients, the better.

This was all very good news for us.

Insight: While cream cheese and bagels go together like peanut butter and jelly, there are many other foods that people love to eat that involve cream cheese.

Target: People who only occasionally buy cream cheese.

Strategy: Making all kinds of food yummier.

In an activity we had our participants do ("pretend you're at a party, and tell us how many servings of these food or drink you would probably have"), they most often chose foods that they thought of as indulgent - and all of which contained cream cheese.

Creative concept: For more than bagels.

Video ads:

Product Innovation: Philadelphia Cream Cheese Crockpod - makes it easier to pick up all the ingredients for a cream cheese based food at once.

Pinterest Ad: Reminds the viewer how easy it is to cook with cream cheese - only a handful of ingredients, and you have buffalo chicken dip.