Tourism Campaign // Jekyll Island, GA

The Ask: Drive tourism to Jekyll Island.

My Team: Jeff Dunn (CW), Steph Langan (AD).

The Brief

Background: Circa 1886, Jekyll Island, GA was a millionaire's getaway. Historically, it was a private, exclusive membership club of only 100 very rich people including the Pulitzers, Rockefellers, etc. But today, anyone can go for $6.

Problem: It's not a well-known vacation destination, and it has no personality in how it comes off in its branding currently - it's as if Jekyll Island doesn't know what's special about itself.

Target: The current visitor base is mostly families from Georgia, but we'd like to attract people nationwide who truly want to get away and would embrace a finer experience. They collect moments, not things.

Strategy: A luxurious yet attainable experience.

Creative Concept: Jekyll Island is a place where you can vacation like an old-time millionaire. Sort of.

Tag: Vacation "like" a mogul.

Logo Redesign: We wanted the new logo (and ads) to have a rich look and feel reminiscent of the time when millionaires actually did vacation there.



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