I spent a week making new friends at the Lovettsville Cooperative Market in rural Northern Virginia, filming, editing, and completing this freelance project.

The Mom Complex

The Mom Complex is a local market research consultancy in Richmond, VA. My internship consisted of analyzing primary research, compiling secondary research, and helping coordinate research events.

One-Sheeter: Why Snacking Matters

I was asked to collect secondary research regarding families and snacking, and present it in a visually appealing manner so that it could be given to a client.

Childfund International

Childfund International is a non-profit headquartered in Richmond, VA. During my internship with their Sandbox Innovation Lab, I assisted with interviews and focus groups, collected secondary research on a variety of topics, and provided recommendations for internal branding.

Report: What Makes People Donate?

I was asked to research non-profit competitors' viral sharable content to determine what features of the content contributed to their success. Ultimately, this document served as a guide for my boss to take to his boss, and helped to determine whether or not we would be paying for advertising in the future.