Product Innovation // Airbnb for Business

The Ask: Get people to consider Airbnb for business travel.

My Team: Rian Chandler-Dovis (CBM), Dan Cotting (XD), Kevin David (CW), Margaret Karles (XD)Matt Neylon (CW), Wes Ruff (AD).

Brand Revival // Philadelphia Cream Cheese

The Ask: Revitalize an all too familiar brand; increase sales of cream cheese.

My Team: Maddy Baldwin (CW), Mason Brown (XD), Tom Daley (CW), Josh Ghergel (AD), Caitlin Murphy (CBM), Hunter Noxon (XD).

Tourism Campaign // Jekyll Island, GA

The Ask: Drive tourism to Jekyll Island.

My Team: Jeff Dunn (CW), Steph Langan (AD).

A Week at the Hospital Cafeteria // Retreat Doctor's Hospital

The Ask: Spend a week at an unconventional location and report your findings.

My Partner: Andrew Vessels (ST).

Consumer Journey // Donating to a Charity

The Ask: Understand the consumer journey for donating to a charity.

My Partner: Melanie Thompson (ST).