Product Innovation // Airbnb for Business

The Ask: Get people to consider Airbnb for business travel.

My Team: Rian Chandler-Dovis (CBM), Dan Cotting (XD), Kevin David (CW), Margaret Karles (XD)Matt Neylon (CW), Wes Ruff (AD).

We started with a strategy and target that were given to us by Airbnb.

Strategy: Don't just work there, live there.

Target: Head-First Explorers: (Already use Airbnb for leisure travel. Enthusiasts of travel, culture, people, and technology. Think Anthony Bourdain. Early adopters, they are the first to dive into adventure and explore uncharted territory.)

We wanted to unpack the target and strategy further in order to better understand the problem and design a solution.

The process: I interviewed people who already use Airbnb for leisure travel and identified and categorized the qualities that made Airbnb so appealing to them.

I took my thoughts in the form of a mind-map to my CBM and XDs, and we worked together to come up with a strategy that we all felt comfortable with.

As a team, we recognized that the reasons people cited for preferring Airbnb for leisure travel aren't too far off from why they might use it for business. Airbnb lets them choose a place to stay that fits with their aesthetic preferences and neighborhood preferences, as well as allowing them to have a variety of options to pick from. It's more similar to how they might decide where to live, than where to stay. And with business travel making it hard to feel like yourself to begin with, Airbnb offers an alternative to hotels that solves that problem.

Our Communications Strategy: Crafted for your whole life.

Creative Concept: Don't leave yourself at home.

Manifesto: You are what you do. And what you do is who you are. That's why you could never work on an assembly line. But between the airport, the cabs, and the cookie cutter lodgings of business travel, it's hard to stay you. That's when you become a facsimile of yourself: your business self. The you that says "good enough" to eating and drinking in the hotel, falling asleep with your socks and the TV on. Don't stay in a hotel. Don't sacrifice. Don't leave yourself at home.

Product Innovation: Check Yourself program, including app and luggage tags.

Check yourself, so you don't leave yourself at home. This program is exclusive to Airbnb Business - our Head-First Travelers work in creative industries, and their tools are an extension of themselves. By supporting our travelers' need to remain true to themselves while they are on a work trip (by making it easier to check baggage, customized checklists to help remember everything they'll want to bring), we make it clear that Airbnb Business is "crafted for your whole life".

  • At sign up, get a free (up to $50) baggage fee reimbursement for your checked baggage fees. Earn a free baggage fee reimbursement for every five bookings with Airbnb Business in the future.
  • Traveler connects to the Check Yourself App which allows you to organize your business travel. App includes: a customized checklist to help you pack, boarding passes for flying, itinerary ideas for your destination, and other traveler-specific content.
  • Airbnb Business sends you a customized luggage tag when you sign up for the program. It’s plastic, reusable, and provides high visibility of the Airbnb logo at the airport.
  • Tags are embedded with an NFC chip in order to communicate with the traveler’s phone: simply touch an NFC enabled phone to the tag, and it pulls up the checklist if you’re at home, or your boarding pass for scanning if you’re at the airport.