It wouldn't be entirely fair to write an "About Me" page without acknowledging that identity has two sides:

How I See Myself

At the heart of it, an insatiable curiosity regarding human identity and everyday experiences is what brought me to the Brandcenter. My time in the strategy track as well as my undergraduate training in anthropology have given me an excellent foundation for problem-solving and providing valuable insights. My aim is to be part of something bigger than myself, and to use my love of critical thinking and my skills in social science research to inform work that can be experienced and celebrated by as many people as possible. 

How Others See Me (360 evaluations, Fall '16)

Thoughtful and enthusiastic when it comes to considering raw human motivations, or why people may or may not do certain things.

She can quickly run our consumer research through her brain and make connections about the target. 

Great at understanding human behavior.

She can make sense of and organize research quickly.